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Let's Learn Languages 4 Fun!!!

Hello Everyone!!!!

We are a homeschooling family of 9, and we are here to just​​

help get your children excited and motivated to start learning different languages!!

What we Offer!!

We provide colorful beginner books in different languages that will help you get started. Please scroll down to see the books we offer. More languages will be added to the list soon. 


We also create fun-filled colorful musical videos that demonstrate how easy it is to learn different languages that we hope will inspire and encourage you on your journey of becoming Multilingual!

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Its time to Learn African Languages!!

Listen to our new Song and learn KiSwahili!!!!

Click the links to order your Bilingual Books  from Amazon today.

In this Book you will learn over 10 colors in different languages


In this Book you will learn some basics in Kiswahili 


In this Book you will learn some basics in Spanish.


In this Book you will learn some basics in different African languages


In this Book you will learn some basics in French.


In this Book you will learn the numbers  

in over 10 different languages.


In this Book you will learn some basics 

in English.


In this Book you will learn some basics 

in over 10 different languages.


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Being Multilingual is Easy!

Practice! Repetition! Daily!!

Watch our Example Video and listen to my 10 year old understand 7 languages!!

The power to learn a language is so great in the young child that it doesn't seem to matter how many languages you seem to throw their way.. They can learn as many spoken languages as you can allow them to hear systematically and regularly at the same time. Their brain is ripe to do this..there doesn't seem to be any detriment to develop[ing] several languages at the same time" according to Dr. Susan Curtiss, UCLA Linguistics professor.

Here is a list of AMAZING bilingual teachers we know that can help you achieve fluency which is the next level!!


Tagalog Teacher
Dante Lee


Spanish Teacher
Kendall Clayborne


Mandarin Teacher (Chinese)
Ashley Brown

Sign Language interpreter/deaf advocate
Savannah Greene



KiSwahili Teacher
Olugbola GuBasavi

We will be adding more teachers soon. And if you are a bilingual teacher that has services to offer please send us a message so you can be added to the list!!

Bilingual Education For Seniors

Learning another language has no age limit, we create bilingual songs for the seniors at the nursing home to help slow the process of Alzheimer's, and to give love and hugs, Our Seniors are a very important part of the community and each person has a beautiful piece of history to share. So don't forget to stop by your local Nursing Home and volunteer!!!

You will definitely see us there ! 

Class Price: Free 

Class time: 30 minutes

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Contact Us

We are here to make learning another language easy and FUN for you and your family.  

Contact us today!!!

Cleveland, OH, USA

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We have created some songs to help you on your Multilingual Journey!! We will add more soon. Thank you for listening. 



Book Donations

Prison Nursery

We want to donate our Books to the Prison Nursery for the mommies and their babies to have the best educational start. Many Mothers go into prison pregnant and only 7 prisons so far have nursery programs. 


Illinois( Decatur Correctional Facility) Moms and Babies Program

Indiana( Indiana Woman's Prison) Wee Ones Nursery

Nebraska Correctional Center for Women Nursery Program

New York(Bedford Hills Correctional Facility) Nursery Program

Ohio Reformatory for Woman Achieving baby Care Success (ABC)

South Dakotas Women's Prison Mother Infant Program

Washington Corrections Center for Women Residential Parenting Program

West Virginia Lakin Correctional Center (Keeping Infant Development Successful(KIDS)


We are confident that our Study Guides will be very beneficial to the babies cognitive growth, bonding with mommy through reading and learning together, and encourage multilingualism for the mom to help with future employment skills after release!!  


We do except donations!!!